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Technical protocols

In accordance with article 56(2) of Council Regulation (EC) 2100/94, technical examinations which are initiated by the Community Plant Variety Office, or technical examinations for which the CPVO envisages to take over the results, must be performed in accordance with the test guidelines which have been adopted by the Administrative Council.
Technical examinations started prior to the decision are not affected unless otherwise announced.

The plant species concerned as well as the date of the approval by the Administrative Council are accordingly published in the Official Gazette of the Office.

The full list of technical protocols - for the time being only available in English – can be consulted on the website of the Office, or can be transmitted by the Office, upon request.

Interested parties are encouraged to consult the list on a regular basis, since there are yearly additions of new protocols, or revisions to existing protocols, in each of the four crop sectors.

The list of protocols