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Press releases and communications

2015 Social report of the CPVO

The 2015 Social Report of the CPVO is available for download on the Annual Reports page.

CPVO Newsletter #10 is available

The Winter 2015 - 2016 edition of the CPVO newsletter is available. This is the tenth edition of the CPVO newsletter.


Summary of the Final Report of the Ad Hoc Legal Working Group (LWG)

The LWG (Legal Working Group), established by the AC in March 2012, concluded the tasks for which it was created in January 2015. The LWG has met 8 times to exchange views on legal matters and form concrete proposals. Its members have participated in their personal capacity as experts not representing the Member State (MS) or organization they work for.


A final report was prepared and presented to the AC members in March 2015 providing them with the state of play on each of the 20 items discussed and a proposed way forward. It has not been approved by the AC and is available upon request.



You may access the summary online: download the summary

Paper Application Form

Please note that a new form for paper application has been released. It is only available in English but will be in Dutch, French, German and Spanish in the near future.

Please note also that a new version of all technical questionnaires has been published in which the question about geographical origin has been removed. Please make sure to use the new application form on which the geographical origin question appears.

Beware that without said information, your application is deemed not valid.

Official Gazette 6.2015

The official Gazette of the CPVO 6.2015, S2 Gazette have been published and are available for free in electronic format only (PDF). You may download both gazettes from the Gazette page

A search tool is available to identify these modifications on the web site of the Office: S2 Gazette