An agency of the European Union

(carried out by GHK Consulting with ADAS UK for DG SANCO)


An evaluation of the Community Plant Variety System had been commissioned by the European Commission. The period covered by the evaluation extends from the launch of the system in 1995 until present.

A conference on the outcome of the evaluation will be held in Brussels on 11 October 2011.

The final report can be found clicking here.


(carried out by Ernst & Young)


The CPVO’s Financial Regulation (art.25.5) and its Implementing Rules (art.13.2.b) require a regular assessment of the activities of the Office, at least every six years.


After a call for tender, the firm Ernst & Young had been selected to perform the evaluation.

The final report of the “Evaluation of activities and functioning of the Community Plant Variety Office” has been provided to the President of the CPVO and is now presented to its stakeholders.


The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) activities and functioning.


The evaluation covered three topics:


  • Core activities involved in the Community Plant Variety Rights granting process;
  • CPVO secondary activities which include assistance in the exercise of plant variety rights as well as policy guidance provided;
  • CPVO communication and relations with the stakeholders.


Download the document Evaluation of activities and functioning of the Community Plant Variety Office - 2009 in PDF format (EN only).