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Erratum concerning the negotiated tender n° 2013-03/Banking.
Download the Erratum: fr.



Calls for Tenders


  • Open Tender Procedure N°2014-05/CLEANING

    Invitation to tender: fr
    Tender Specifications: fr
    Draft Service Contract: fr
    Draft Framework Contract: fr

    Deadline for applications: 28 May 2014 at 4:00PM

  • Open Tender Procedure N°2014-02/LEGAL-SERVICES-ECJ

    Invitation to tender: en
    Tender Specifications: en
    Draft Service Contract: en

    Deadline for applications: 06 June 2014 at 4:00PM


  • Open Tender Procedure N°2014-01/IT-INFRASTRUCTURE


    Deadline for applications: 14 March 2014 at 4:00PM - CLOSED

  • Open Tender Procedure N° 2013-07/LANGUAGE-TRAINING


    Deadline for applications: 31 January 2014 - CLOSED

  • Open Tender Procedure N° 2013-05/IT-DEV

    Deadline for applications: 19 July 2013 - CLOSED
  • Open Tender Procedure N° 2012-06/EXCHANGE-PLATFORM

    Deadline for applications: 28 September 2012 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders Nr 2011-01/CPVO-INTERNAL-AUDIT

    Deadline for applications: 28 January 2011 - CLOSED
  • Open Tender Procedure N°2010-09/ROSE-PROJECT

    Deadline for applications: 12/11/2010 - CLOSED
  • Open Tender Procedure N°2010-03/CLEANING

    Deadline for applications: 21/05/2010 - CLOSED
  • Open Tender Procedure n° 2009-06/CPVO-EVALUATION

    Deadline for applications: 28/08/2009 - CLOSED
  • Call for tender “BANKING-2008” (selection of the main bank for the Community Plant Variety Office) published in the Official Journal n°2008/S 121-160499.

    Deadline for applications: August, 08th 2008 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders n°2007/S 129-157466: "Framework contract for services in support of the CPVO Corporate Identity".

    Deadline for applications: September, 27th 2007 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders n°2007/S 132-161316: "Supply, implementation and maintenance of software for Electronic Management of Documents"

    Deadline for applications: September, 6th 2007 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders n°2007/S 126-153600: "Service contract for the supply, implementation and maintenance of an integrated budgetary and general accounting system"
    Deadline for applications: September, 5th 2007 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders n°2006/S 235-250752: "Internal audit function for the CPVO, audit of examination offices and assistance with their accreditation".
    Deadline for applications: January, 18th 2007 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders n °2006/S 45-046798: "Expertise and technical assistance with regard to software and databases installed on the CPVO servers".
    Deadline for applications: May, the 5th 2006 - CLOSED
  • Call for tenders for a study on "Integrated solution for electronic management and archiving of documents"
    Deadline for applications: altMarch, 17th 2006 - CLOSED
  • Call for expressions of interest for building work.
    Deadline for applications :alt May, 12th 2008 - Closed
  • Call for tenders for the "Renovation and conversion of the CPVO's ancillary offices - architectural design and project management".
    Deadline for applications : altOctober, 24th 2005 - CLOSED


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